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Community Outreach

I’m committed to reinvesting in my team members and local community. I love youth sports, programs like Project Graduation and Cub Scouts, and I’m proud to be a part of your local fundraiser. Just consider me the MVP of community involvement!

Due to the volume of requests I receive, I require certain information to properly evaluate each opportunity. Please visit my Donation Request Portal and include any supporting documents for your cause (flyer, organization letterhead, 501(c)(3) documentation, etc.) Preference is given to those requests that encourage community participation, meet an identified need in the community and have been submitted 4-weeks in advance.

Earn up to $500 for your non-profit organization just by dining at Jimmy Changas!
My WiLD FUN-Rai$ing events are a win-win for groups looking for assistance with monetary support. You, your team, family, friends and neighbors dine at my place, then I donate money for all the sales your group brings in…who doesn’t love Tex-Mex? Organizations* must have 50 or more members

*Ideal groups for FUN-Rai$ing events: little leagues, girls/boys scouts of america, PTAs, church groups, band/orchestras for high schools, cheerleading squads, swim/soccer teams, special education camps and sport team booster clubs.

I am committed to a grassroots approach to giving and give preference to K-12 schools, universities, youth community groups and requests that meet an identified need in the community.

I support the local schools and non-profit organizations directly with cash sponsorship and various philanthropic activities so the funds are not there to support through other businesses.

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